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Rowing is an expensive sport. The high school competitive team dues are $3,300 for the school year.  By season, the cost is $1,650 for the fall season and $1,650 for the spring season.  Athletes who join the team after winter break may pay Spring season dues of $1,800 only.  The recreational team dues are prorated based on attendance.  Please see the recreational rowing page for information.  Financial assisstance is available on a need-basis.  

In addition to dues, families are expected to contribute 10 hours of volunteer service to the team in each the fall and spring seasons.  Hour might include, but are not limited to, helping with travel arrangements, ordering uniforms and logo clothing items, brining food to regattas, managing the food tent at regattas, taking photos to share, putting on social events, organizing fundraisers, or putting together our annual yearbook.  Busy families may opt to buy-out of their volunteer hours for $250 per season.  

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