William (Bill) Zack

Women's U17/Youth Coach & Director of Teams

Bill has been a Division I women’s rowing coach for 20 years in addition to coaching men’s collegiate teams and USRowing camps and crews ranging from the Olympic team through the U19 system. Bill coached most recently at San Diego State, and previously at University of Portland, UCLA, Long Beach and the Coast Guard Academy.

The Technical Director for Rowing is a new position at Norcal. It supports our goal of providing consistent training and coaching processes that helps our rowers go fast, train effectively and have an excellent experience. We also want to provide a work environment where coaches get input and support to do their best work with the rowers.

The Technical Director is key to that strategy. In that position, Bill will act as a “coach of coaches”, ensuring that we teach a consistent stroke across all age groups and between Mens and Womens crews, have excellent training programs and foster learning and advancement across the club. He will also be available to directly coach rowers as specific needs for more attention arise. Bill’s wide experience uniquely qualifies him for this role. His background has given him a thorough understanding of the rowing stroke and the ability to articulate technical ideas to athletes and coaches alike. The academic and teaching background Bill will bring to the program will be outstanding and will benefit the athletes and coaches of all levels. In addition to technical coaching Zack has spent years learning training physiology, and rigging for maximum speed.

College recruitment is always an important topic for rowers at Norcal who want to continue their careers after High School. Bill has been involved as a college recruiting coach for 25 years and looks forward to helping the athletes and the coaches assist all the Norcal athletes as they go through their college choice process. As an expert in the NCAA recruiting rules and having close relationships with the head and recruiting coaches at most colleges and universities with rowing programs.

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