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High School Varsity

Once athletes complete one year on the high school novice team, they are automatically added to our varsity team.

The men’s and women’s varsity teams are the most challenging programs at Norcal.  Our varsity teams are competitive in the SW Region across a wide variety of boat classes. The strongest athletes on each team work to compete and win at the Junior National Championship Regatta.

Although the varsity team’s training is centered around competition, the true value of the team is in honing our athlete’s skills in responsibility, leadership, and teamwork, as well as giving them the knowledge to live healthy well-balanced lives when they move on to college.

Practice Schedule, Fall 2019

Fall Semester: Monday, August 26th – Saturday, December 21st
Varsity Women
Mon: 5-7am
Tuesday-Friday: 4:20-6:50 pm
Saturday: 7-11am

Varsity Men
Monday-Thursday: 4:20-6:50 pm
Friday: 5-7am
Saturday: 7-11am


Gym clothes and running shoes/socks. Recommended: hat, sunscreen, reusable water bottle, sunglasses, windbreaker, and water-resistant sweats in cold weather.


Norcal Crew fees for the Varsity Fall 2019 season are $2,500.  Parents are expected to volunteer 25 hours per year.  An annual volunteer buy-out is available for $500.

Financial Aid

Competitive/Rec Team Financial Application (53k)
All athletes are encouraged to participate in Norcal Crew regardless of their ability to pay.   Scholarships are available for qualifying families.  Please contact with questions.

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Registration is now open for our 8th Grade Development, Novice and Varsity teams.

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