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Registration is Now Open

We’re so excited to see everyone back in the boathouse for our 2020 Spring season.  Over the summer, the board and coaching staff have spent many hours reviewing team operations, coaching strategy, parent/athlete feedback and competitive data.  We can’t wait to roll out many improvements to the program this year.

We’re making a significant change to our tuition model in response to parent feedback.  In the past, Norcal charged base tuition in the Fall and Spring. In addition to base tuition, families were asked to pay for other required expenses on an ad hoc basis for things like uniforms, all-team trips, etc.  The constant requests for payment were draining to our parent community and were an administrative burden for our coaching staff.

In 2019/20, your tuition will include all of the following expenses:

  • Coaching fees
  • Boathouse operating costs
  • All-team regattas*
  • Banquet for athletes
  • Required uniforms
  • Training trip
  • Busses to specific local regattas

*Exceptions: To make the fees fair to all, the fees for select-boats regatta are not covered by general tuition. Southwest Championships are also not covered in our base fee.  This regatta can cost between $350 and $450 for each rower to attend.  This is our last big race of the year.

While you will see a bump in our fees for the increased cost of coach salaries, boathouse operating expenses and regattas, the cost for each season of rowing ($2,500 plus credit card fees) is commensurate with prior fees, when all payments are considered.  Norcal Crew’s total program fees remain competitive with other regional programs.

Please contact if the fees are not attainable for your family.  Full and partial scholarships are confidentially available.  All scholarship paperwork must be submitted by January 6.

Tuition covers the costs to run the Norcal program, but all equipment purchases and infrastructure improvements are made possible through our fundraisers.  The ability to purchase new equipment and improve club infrastructure allows Norcal to compete at the highest levels in the nation. Every family will be requested to participate in fundraising efforts.  

Thank you for supporting Norcal and your rower.  The impact that rowing has on our high schoolers’ lives is both incredible and indelible: from the obvious benefits of daily workouts to their physical wellbeing to the phenomenal impact on focus, determination, tenacity and leadership.  We look forward to working with all of our athletes as they realize these benefits now and as they move into college and their professional lives.