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Throughout the season, we will be adding information as it becomes available.

Here is a link to the current Schedule for Norcal Crew

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Here are links to the 2021-22 season photo albums, please add your photo’s to the albums if you wish.

REMIND LINKS – for Communications

Here is a link with more information about joining Remind, or click a team name below

  • 22-23 U15 Men: @23u15men
  • 22-23 U16 Men: @23u16men
  • 22-23 U15/16 Men Parents: @u1516mpar
  • 22-23 U17 Men: @23u17men
  • 22-23 U19 Men: @23u19men
  • 22-23 U17/U19 Men Parents: @u1719mpar
  • 22-23 U15 Women: @23u15wom
  • 22-23 U16 Women: @23u16wom
  • 22-23 U15/16 Women Parents: @u1516wpar
  • 22-23 U17 Women: @23u17wom
  • 22-23 U19 Women: @23u19wom
  • 22-23 U17/U19 Women Parents: @u1719wpar
  • 22-23 coxswains & Coaches: @23coxcoach

Norcal Newsletters Archive

Send our director, Beth Anderson, an email if there is a subject you would like to have addressed in this section. Go Norcal!