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Norcal logo gear is the perfect present for that rower in your life. Additionally, these black and gold items are great choices for Norcal families to wear at rowing regattas.

Norcal Crew works with the following suppliers for its team gear.


The Norcal SEW SPORTY team store is available year-round and is used for most team logo items, including the recommended splash jackets and duffel bags for everyone, and travel polos for varsity. SEW SPORTY also offers optional spirit wear of hats, shirts, fleeces, tanks, sweats, and spandex.


The Norcal JL Racing team store is used for the official team uniform and is only open during certain times of the year. Norcal athletes are required to purchase a team uniform through this site.


Sizing information for both vendors can be found on their websites. JL Racing has a hotline you can call with sizing questions: 800-474-1626

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