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Why Row?

(excerpted from USRowing –

Rowers are among the world’s best athletes. Rowing looks graceful, elegant and sometimes effortless when it is done well. Don’t be fooled. Rowers haven’t been called the world’s most physically fit athletes for nothing. The sport demands endurance, strength, balance, mental discipline, and an ability to continue on when your body is demanding that you stop.

Rowing is a total body workout. Rowing only looks like an upper body sport. Although upper body strength is important, the strength of the rowing stroke comes from the legs. Rowing is one of the few athletic activities that involves all of the body’s major muscle groups. It is a great aerobic workout, in the same vein as cross-country skiing, and is a low-impact sport on the joints.

Teamwork is Number One. Rowing isn’t a great sport for athletes looking for MVP status. It is, however, teamwork’s best teacher. The athlete trying to stand out in an eight will only make the boat slower. The crew made up of individuals willing to sacrifice their personal goals for the team will be on the medal stand together. Winning teammates successfully match their desire, talent and bladework with one another.

Rowing + You = Norcal Crew. Visit us at Norcal and find out whether rowing is for you. Come and meet our coaches and rowers. Sit in a boat. Check out an erg. Sign up for a Summer Learn to Row Camp. Come to the Fall Open House.

Rowers are four times as likely to be recruited to a college than any other NCAA sport. Your experience as a Norcal rower or coxswain will be demanding but well worth it. You and your teammates will have a great time and make lasting memories while strengthening your chances of being admitted to the top colleges on your list.

Be a part of the Norcal team.