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Why Row?

Rowers are four times as likely to be recruited to a college than any other NCAA sport. Your experience as a Norcal rower or coxswain will be demanding but well worth it. You and your teammates will have a great time and make lasting memories while strengthening your chances of being admitted to the top colleges on your list.

Be a part of the Norcal team.

Claire Grundig

Our daughter Claire participated in the Norcal rowing program for three years where she acquired and built her rowing skills. As a direct result of her participation in the Norcal program, Claire was heavily recruited by several Ivy League colleges and strong public universities. She ultimately decided to attend Yale and in 2018 will not only compete with her team in the Ivy Championship, but also the NCAA Championships and finally travel to the UK to compete in the Royal Henley Regatta.

Henry Grundig & Nellie Ancel
Dana Gronoski Testimonial

My son’s involvement with Norcal has been invaluable. He’s a stronger person mentally and physically but most importantly he's learned the true value of working together in order for the team to be successful.

Dana Granoski
Menlo Park, Norcal Parent

Our son loves to row! We love the person he has become at Norcal Crew. With the hard work he does as a Norcal rower, we have seen him grow tremendously – as an athlete, as a student, as a leader.

Jon & April Carlson
Norcal Parents