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Program Overview

Norcal Crew is a nationally competitive program dedicated to the development of junior athletes through the sport of rowing. We provide a path to guide athletes from their first strokes as novices all the way to elite national and international competition. Many of our athletes come to Norcal without prior experience with any sports. While 99% of our athletes have never rowed before when they first walk through our gates, within a few years they are able to be competitive on the top levels of the sport.

Programs offered at Norcal:

Competitive Team

8th-12th Grade (or 13 years and up)
All rowers train and compete in their age groups.   The age groups are U15, U16, U17 and on category “youth” for everyone else. The team trains five days/week starting in late August, and running through the USRowing SW Regional Championship on the first weekend in May. (with breaks, of course). The team trains on a high level, while allowing for the growth, learning, and mistakes that accompany the athletes’ first year competing in the sport.

Summer Offerings

6th- 12th grade

Five day camps are a great chance for athletes to get out on the water and try rowing for the first time.  Camps are designated for different ages and abilities.  Camps will be posted on our website by the middle of February each year.