2017 Norcal Erg-a-Thon!!

 On Sunday, Dec 3rd, Norcal athletes will erg one million meters to raise money for equipment our athletes rely on every day to race and train effectively.  In past years, the ergathon has funded ergs, oars, coaching launches and engines, and the purchase of the massive trailer needed to convey our equipment safely to regattas.  Help us to continue to provide the tools necessary for our athletes to train and race effectively!

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Registration for the Spring Rec program and Learn to Row Summer Camps will open January 1st.

Why Rowing? 

When asked why they row for Norcal, here's what a group of teammates said:

"Norcal helps me...

- feel proud of myself
- be a part of a team
- set higher goals
- build character
- meet loads of new friends
- develop relationships with adult mentors
- feel successful
- increase accountability
- grow my self-confidence
- meet good people

- have a sense of purpose
- become a leader
- work well with other people
- stay focused
- feel unique
- get outside
- have a positive body image
- get in the best shape
- have an outlet for my competitiveness."

Who is Norcal Crew?

Norcal Crew has openings for high school men and women. We are a competitive club sport that invites high school students from the Peninsula to try out the sport of rowing. There is no experience required to join our Novice teams. Ideal candidates are able to commit time to an after school program; interested in becoming part of a fun and competitive team; and willing to develop themselves physically with strength, stamina and full-body conditioning. Rowing is one of the highest recruited collegiate sports and any high school rowing experience could assist you in getting into the college of your dreams. We also have openings for coxswains (the person that steers the boat and motivates the crew).