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New Norcal Crew Executive Director

We are pleased to announce that Beth Anderson will be joining Norcal Crew as the Executive Director.  Beth is currently the Junior Rowing Director at Newport Aquatic Center. Previously, she was the Program Director for the Oakland Strokes from 1997 to 2018.  During the 21 years that she led the Oakland Strokes, she build the organization from a small club of less than 60 athletes to a club that has over 200 athletes that has won over 19 national championships.  Additionally, she was part of the planning and creating the vision of not one but two boathouses.

The interviewing team talked to candidates from across the country but were unanimous in our enthusiasm for Beth. She brings great experience in building and running a youth rowing club and can lead Norcal in this next phase of growth.  More than that, Beth expressed a real passion for ensuring that the Norcal experience is excellent for all rowers in the program. That commitment was totally aligned with our goals for the club.

Beth is a graduate of Sacred Heart Prep in Menlo Park, has a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, and a Masters in Sports Management from Purdue University.  She has many roots in the peninsula, and currently resides in Alameda, CA.

Due to her commitments to Newport Aquatic Center, Beth will be joining the Norcal Crew full time on May 14th.  In the interim, she will be working on Mondays with the coaching staff.

Sheila Tolle will remain Interim Executive Director through the end of April.  Since Sheila will be out of the country the first 3 weeks of May, the board will select a short term Executive Director for that period of time.

We are really excited about the experience, knowledge, and excitement that Beth will bring to Norcal. She has been a great asset already for our coaches and athletes and we look forward to more of the same in the years ahead.  Also, we want to extend a special thanks to Sheila for jumping in to the interim role and doing an excellent job.